Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practice better make perfect

I have been practicing my photography skills in low light situations for the last week. (hence the overload in Sam shots) I have relied fully on natural lighting up until this point, but now that it gets dark at 3pm and outdoor sessions are less likely to happen due to weather, I need to work on indoor/darker situations.

Of course my favorite model is Mr. Sam. How could I not love this masterpiece!? Those elbow dimples, that lumpy bum and that Buddha belly. He is the epitome of perfection :)Matt will hate me for pointing this out, but even his ears are adorable. Those lashes! I covet them.So, although I have a lot to learn, and probably a few things to master, I think these "practice" shots turned out OK.
Now, to answer Laurels question, I do not have a waterproof camera. But I do have a trick that I have been attempting.
Try putting an aquarium or vase in the water with your camera inside, and viola! Instant underwater shots. I have not been able to get "great" quality pictures this way, but you should try it at home too :)


The Dillon 6 said...

sweet! I am going to try this!!!

and those pictures are so awesome!!

Ani / AnaAlicia said...

i can't believe how cute he is holly! i want to meet him!