Friday, November 06, 2009

6 Months

Sam is 6 months! Its hard to believe, but boy is he showing it. He is learning to crawl, he can sit up on his own, he puts his own binky in and his appetite has grown about as much as he has. He will eat anything that you give him, and he doesn't mind new flavors. He has even started using a sippy cup, and loves his apple juice.
Sammy got his first tooth on Sunday, and his second is following close behind. He is sleeping better at night, but we still struggle with bed time.
He is as happy as can be. People comment all the time that they have never seen a happier child. We cant agree more. He is so much fun.Sam weighs 16.8lbs and is 28.5 inches long. He is in the 32% for weight, and 97th% for heightHe is babbling non stop now, and his laugh is the best sound in the world (and heard often). He loves the dogs, his family and his toys. He still doesn't really like the bath, but his eczema may make it uncomfortable for him.We saw a dermatologist today regarding his eczema, and we are going to try a new routine. She didn't seem very concerned about him, and gave me tons of new information regarding this condition. Hopefully his skin will clear up soon.

We are loving our time with Sam, and although we love this stage, we are excited to see what he will do next!


The Dillon 6 said...

love it!

Laurel wanted to know if you have a waterproof camera?!

Colton said...

I like that picture of him chillin' on the squishy chair. Awesome.

The Cox Trio said...

Super cute! We sure do love Sammy. :-)

merideth said...

really cute pictures of sam. loved his halloween costume too.
all my kids have had eczema. hopefully you can get sam's under control... sometimes it is a little tricky. all of them eventually grow out of it, but crews will still flare up now and then.

Ani / AnaAlicia said...

seriously soo cute girl

Michelle Williams said...

Two of my grandson's have eczema. Mat and his wife use zero soap, not even shampoo and grease him down after (Euserin SP? cream) his bath every night. His skin is amazingly soft and eczema free now.
I hear Whole Foods has some good products though. My other grandson's Mom is trying cloth diapers. She thinks the fragrace of paper ones might be an issue and his is definately affected by what he eats too. With cettain foods he gets red around his mouth right away. Good luck, he is total CUTIE!

Bart and Jill said...

I was at a La Leche League meeting this week and there was a woman there who had a son with TERRIBLE eczema. She said it was a food allergy. Once she got rid of the foods, over time the skin condition completely went away. Have you look into food sensitivities?

Sam is getting so big!!!! I cannot believe he is 6 months! That is nuts! I feel like yesterday he was born!

The Aprecios said...

We tried the allergy thing, with no luck. Talking to the DR it sounds like it is 100% genetic. I had it bad (and have scars from it) and Matt's Mom still has eczema. So, its just something we'll have to learn to control until he can grow out of it!