Wednesday, April 22, 2009

40 Week OB

I had a doctors appointment today that left me feeling really emotional. I am not 100% why, but maybe putting things down in words will help me work things out in my head...

My cervix, or "the enemy" as I like to refer to it, is still closed. I am having painful contractions at least every 15 minutes, but they are not working in the way that they should be. I have not progressed for 3 weeks now, and the Dr is a little concerned about a few things.

First off, the size of the baby is a "huge" factor. Today while listening to his heart rate, the Dr noticed that he could actually hear the valves opening and closing which means that the baby is large, and fully developed. The concern he has is that the baby will grow too big for a vaginal delivery.

Second, is my blood pressure and water retention. I am getting higher and higher each week, and my feet, hands and face are getting more and more swollen. Compared to most pregnant women I am not horrible, but for MY normal numbers, I am high.

Third of course, is the baby. Dr says that larger babies that go over their due date have a higher chance of problems or still births. Considering my body is not showing any signs of going into labor by my due date, I will be overdue come Friday, so we need to get the baby out as soon as possible.

So, we have scheduled an induction.

This was music to my ears, but for a few different reasons he has put it off until next week. I am supposed to be monitoring the baby's movements and activity carefully, and taking it easy this next week since complications can come with being overdue and I am measuring 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

The plan is as follows: I check into the hospital on Wednesday the 29th (is there a better place to spend your wedding anniversary?) at 4:30pm for what they call a "Cervical Ripening". I will spend the night in the hospital where they will give me gel capsules of prostaglandin every hour for 12 hours or until my cervix is dilated/effaced enough to start the induction. Then Thursday morning, I will be started on Pitocin in hopes that this will induce labor and I will be able to deliver "The Hulk" without complications.

I am not looking forward to spending so much time in the hospital, and I don't like the fact that the night before labor I will not have slept well or eaten for 12 hours. Although I am so excited to finally have my baby, I am a little hesitant about it ending this way. I know I need to be thankful and excited for this, and again, I am not really sure why I am feeling so indifferent about it. I am hoping and praying that something happens before the 29th, but I am going to just try and enjoy this last week of having the baby and my husband all to myself.

So why the tears every time I think about todays appointment? I have no idea. I am tired, uncomfortable and I weigh more than I ever imagined I could so maybe its just the fact that my brain isnt fuctioning well enough to console my worries. I have no energy, little appetite and I am so ready for this baby to come that I dream about it every time I fall asleep. Could it be that I am finally experiencing pregnancy hormones? Again, I am at a loss for reasons. But, I need to keep a positive attitute and realize that I am only 1 week away from holding my son. This fact does make me feel a little better, and I also know he will be so worth all of this stress.

Oh Baby Sam, you are definitely a Taurus-They love a peaceful calm environment and they are stubborn about not wanting things to change.

Amen, astrology!


merideth said...

i feel bad for you. it is so hard at the end. at my 40 week ob with lily my doctor told me that i wouldn't even be able to push out a pencil... ouch!!
finally at 41 weeks i was happily induced. lily was 9.2 lbs. yay for big babies.
of course it is better if induction doesn't have to happen, but at this point you just want your baby.
i will be thinking happy thoughts for you and baby sam this week.

Colton said...

I appreciate this post. Your honesty and open-ness is refreshing.

Although I think that it is just pregnancy stress, nothing to worry about. Its like at the end of a really long race, when you're sprinting toward the finish line, and you look down at your legs and realize that you aren't actually controlling them anymore. You've just pushed your body so far and you feel like a wrung out rag and everything just feels desolate and gray. The end is in sight! Sunrise will make the night go away! This is the worst part! Hang in there! Your family is going to be just beautiful!

The Dillon 6 said...

John 16: 21
A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born into the world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hottie, your tears are relief. Pure and simple relief. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Hang in there...

how about a challenge? Malcolm weighed in at 9lbs. 11oz. Bet he's bigger than Sam! ;)

We're all cheering for you. The kids ask about you every day. We love you!!

The Powells said...

holly, hang in there! i cried everyday of the last week of my first pregnancy. i'll be thinking about and praying for you and baby sam. things will go well, in a few weeks you'll look back and it won't seem so bad. i love you, good luck!

The Rutt Family said...

I went through the same thing. Although I had to have a c-section because nothing worked.
Good luck with you and I hope everything will go well! I will be thinking of you! :)

Tiffany Aprecio said...

That brought tears to my eyes just reading it... happy tears that you will have baby Sam soon. You never know, he just may surprise you this week, either way how exciting!

We are thinking about you and just can not wait to come see you and the family after!

Chris and Tiff

Alycia said...

Don't worry Holly, I cry over everything. :) Let me know if you need to do anything to just pass the time. Definately go out and do some fun stuff with Matt too. Gabe and I went to see a bunch of movies right before Preston was born, but those seats aren't too comfortable... We're thinking about you and are excited to see Sam when he comes! Gabe and Preston are leaving for Utah next Thursday though, so I might get to meet him before they do. :)

Sabs said...

um you are completly justified in crying....not that we really need justification. I cried the last 3 ob appointments and I had no idea why. One time i cried just bc of heart burn:) the end is definately the hardest part! hang in there. And Sam, come on already!

Chelsea said...

Hi Holly!
The funny thing is, I totally had a dream about you last night - where you were blogging about having the baby and you actually had twins! Of course, from there it devolved into a dream about something completely different, but I guess that's what I get for checking your blog right before bed!
Anyways, I'm thinking about you and Sam...apparently even in my sleep!

Candace Nelson said...

hang in there holly :) just think he will be here so soon, all the waiting and praying for a baby.. and he is almost here.. Iam so excited for you and matt :) i cant wait to meet the lil guy!! Keep us posted

Nick and Tiffany said...

I feel your pain. I had to be induced with both of our kids. I hope all goes well for you. You guys are always in our thoughts and prayers :)

Dena And Randy Bailey said...

Hang in there Holly. You are on the final stretch. No pun intented. Loni wae 9 lbs 14 oz. ouch is all I can say. Well I could say more but I don't want to scare you. Big baby's are the best though. Loni was the best natured baby. We are thinking of you.

Kylee said...

I would be definitely emotional and torn over that visit as well! I promise you that everything will be well worth it the first time you hold him in your arms. There isn't anything in life that can compare with that sweet moment. Lucky for you, that is less than a week away. Hang in there!

rochelle said...

K holly you need to call me!sounds very similiar to my first baby!did the dr.explain why maybe u havnt dilated?any surgeries ,procedures to the cervix can leave scar has to be broken...seriously I don't wanta go into detail but do call me if you wanta chat!little mama!hang in there..I was indcued with both boys and it wasn't bad!time consuming but you have come through 9 mths and once its over its over!its bittersweet!luv ya lady...r ochelle and shawn in az

rochelle said...

Holly!you are in a situation similiar to me with noahbear!first baby..I was actually dilated for a few weeks and effaced at like 80percent but no noah!they had me check in to the hospital onsunday the 26th..start with gels..finally gave me an oral pill of some sort and started me one pitocin monday evening!my cervix was retarded!they would get me to dilate and then it would close back up.I had scar tissue that had to be broken from somke leep procedures I had done in the past.if I remember correctly you may have had something similiar.thus maybe why u are not dilating.but let me tell u there is hope!I got the epidural monday with no end in sight and finally had noah tuesday afternoon!!!so I was in the hispitalfor 2 full days before he was born!was I exhuasted?absolutely!but it was worth every second and shawn didn't leave my side!u all were on the family cruise so I literally had no family in town.u will have a lot of me if you want!I got induced with sheldon to and he was a piece of cake!and if u do have to have a c section u are young and will heal fast!and if he is so big u should be thankful for that!keep your head up...I ended up being ten days late with noah and I know its frustrating and depressing.u will be sad in a few months though when u realize sam isn't with u all the time anymore.try to enjoy your last week being prego!drink a lot of water and keep ur feet up little mama!the weight is temporary and if you breastfeed it will come off so fast as will the water retention.we are all here for you in az.and seriously do call me if you need anything or have any questions.your situation sounds real similiar to mine.hang in there little mama!our boys will be about two months apart!that's awesome!and little mitchell has been measuring a month ahead!so we may have some hulks together!!luv ya lil mama!!!rochelle , shawn, and the 3 boys!

melanie beth said...

Hey Holly! I'm so exciting for you having a baby - I haven't talked to you in forever! It wasn't very long ago that I was where you are now... it sucks, but it will be over soon and then you'll be so tired you won't even remember it! Ha, love you, I hope everything goes smoothly! Check out our blog when you get a chance

hannylovesstars said...