Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July to everyone! We hope it was a good one.
Matt and I went to Juanita Bay Park to watch my dad play in a band called "Under Cover". The park was really nice and Matt and I got some really yummy shaved ice from the vendors.When the gig was over we all headed over to the Bruners. Their son Brandon just got home from his mission to Mexico and it was so good to see him again. My little brother Cory and him were best friends growing up, and our families were really close. It was cute to see the boys together again!
Before dark Me, Matt, Cory and his girlfriend Alex drove to Renton to attend Shannon and Tylers party. Here is most of the group waiting for the sun to go down. We brought these really good cookies and a salad, and I was proud to say they were a big hit. Matt and I played guitar hero and ate all the food we could muster. The Hunnex's wedding pictures were released so we spent a lot of time looking through those on the computer. When the sun started to set, we headed outside to play with sparklers and light a few fireworks. Tyler always puts on the best show, and this year was no exception! We could also see the shows from Coulon Beach and Gasworks. This was the first time that we had ever met Alex and we really liked her. We're not sure what a pretty girl like her sees in "Prefontaine" Cory, but they are really cute together. I took lots of pictures of them.Matt and I had fun listening to the music and watching the fireworks over the lake. The weather was perfect and the company was lots of fun! A big thank you to Shannon and Tyler for hosting the party, making great burgers and lighting lots of huge fireworks. We had a great time.


Jessica Kettle said...

how fun! looks like it was a gorgeous day. you take great pictures!and have I ever told you that you and matt are a GORGEOUS couple? Ever picture of the two of you is sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

hey look at that!!! im all over your blog again! your cookies were delish, we were so happy to eat them all after everyone left :)