Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Etta Lou - 8 Months

Oh, there is so much to say about Etta. She is oozing with character as thick as her thighs. (And trust me her thigh rolls are something to envy.) She is loud, bold and always up to something. She loves to chew on toys, fingers, toes or even her own sister. When she wants your attention she has an ear piercing scream that gets her exactly what she wants. 

She can be super serious one second, and laughing hysterically at the dogs in the next. She enjoys grabbing faces and giving kisses. Her favorite activity is to jump in her doorway jumper or get thrown in the air. 

"Woo" is great at sitting up and loves the freedom rolling around gives her to move through the room. Food is exciting and new and so far there is nothing that Etta will not eat. 

This girl has amazing curls that have a mind of their own. They are thick and soft and Etta loves having her hair played with (que: Mommy's "squeeee!!!")

We can already tell that Etta is a "go-getter" and will make it far in life. She's determined, aggressive and motivated. Nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams! And we think she'll have some big ones. ;)


Colton said...

She's beautiful. I wish we were there two weeks later so I could have met her.

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Mariam said...

This is going to sound super strange, because we are complete strangers, but my husband and I were in one of our favorite eating spots in downtown Everett, WA recently, called Kama Aina Grinds and we saw a family that looked exactly like yours eating at a table near us. This is significant to us because we have been researching adoption and just had our first phone interview with Everlasting Adoptions this morning and we were researching blogs to find other families who have adopted through this agency to find out their experiences and yours was the first to pop up. This is also significant to us because when we saw the family in Kama Aina Grinds with four kids, two of them some of the most adorable twin girls ever, we felt so encouraged to move forward with adoption ourselves. I really appreciate your blog and though I've only read a couple of the articles, they have been very encouraging. We are just starting our journey..., but I'm thankful that I can add this blog to our list of resources, and if that was your family in the restaurant that day, it was a blessing for us to see you guys enjoying your beautiful family, and it encouraged us that we can do this!

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