Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cece Bean - 8 months

Cecelia is the easiest going baby there is. She smiles at just about anything, rarely cries and loves to cuddle. She enjoys watching her brothers play, eating yogurt, rolling onto her belly, being carried in the Ergo and sucking her middle fingers.

Bean is still very little, and is working hard to get to 12 pounds. Even though her weight continues to be an issue, her health and strength are not a concern.

Cecelia can not quite sit up on her own, but she loves to stand (assisted) and jump in her jumper. She does a lot of babble and might be the biggest producer of drool in the western United States.

We are so thankful for our calm, beautiful and sunny Cece! We can not imagine life without this angel.


Melissa Fischer said...

Gosh I just want to squeeze them!

Colton said...

Haha, those drool strings on the bed. Hilarious. This is just so wonderful, I'm really happy for you two.

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