Friday, October 04, 2013

Miles Matthew Aprecio

He is finally here.

Matthew and I arrived in Utah on Tuesday, just in time to have a wonderfully fun dinner with our birthmother and her daughter. We spent the evening laughing and learning about each other. It was a time I will never forget and we will cherish it forever.

We got to the hospital early on Wednesday morning for the scheduled C-Section. I was lucky to be in the operating room with our birthmother and I did my best to comfort her and I thanked her over and over again, knowing I would never be able to even out the debt.

At 7:38 Miles was born screaming a perfect little cry. I melted, and tears of joy were shed by me and tears of sadness were cried by her. It was very emotional, and his cry only made it harder for her so we left the room and finished up his cleaning and care in the nursery where we met Daddy for the first time.

He weighed in at 7lbs 5oz and 19" long. He's a stocky, healthy boy with a very calm demeanor.

Miles was immediately handed over to us and I was able to nurse him within the first hour of his life. It was magical! He is a GREAT eater and perfect nurser. I can't stress that enough!

The first 2 days were spent in the hospital in a small room outside of the nursery. I'm fairly certain he was never put down. We snuggled him every chance we got.

I got to talk a little to our birthmom on Wednesday afternoon. She seemed to be doing well and was curious to hear more about the baby. She had decided that it would be too hard to see him, and stuck to her plan. She was (and is) so strong. We feel so lucky to have met her and I could not find a better example of strength and selflessness if I tried.

On Thursday afternoon, after all the paperwork was signed, our healthy boy was discharged from the hospital. Getting him "home" and showing him off to my Utah family was so fun, and we have really enjoyed every moment we have had with him.

Our first night, although exhausting, was wonderful. The bonds that happen in the middle of the night are irreplaceable. Miles let me sleep for 4 hours between feedings and didn't mess around when it was time to nurse.

Today we got out a little and visited the pediatrician. Everything is perfect! We are so proud of our littlest and our adoption could not have gone more smoothly. What an experience!

Tomorrow Miles gets to meet Grandma and big brother and I am pretty sure it will be the most amazing experience of my life to have all my boys together!


Linda and Dave Browne said...

What an amazing experience. Congratulations to all of you!!! Welcome Miles!

Anonymous said...

Such a joyful day. I am so happy for you all!

Sara said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So happy for you!