Monday, July 22, 2013

The Kla Ha Ya Day Fair

This weekend we enjoyed the Snohomish Fair with my family. Sam was so excited, he had been talking about it all week leading up to the event.

This kid LOVES rides.

Me and the hubs.

My Dad's tribute band played downtown so after his show we all headed into the Fair together. It was great to have them with us this year.

The valley is so beautiful and we went right at sunset which helped the views improve!

"Hi, I'm Sam. I'm 4!"

We may be a little concerned that our son was born without the "fear" indicator. Not sure I have ever seen him scared.

Sam begged to play the fishing game and I obliged (only because it's a guaranteed win...I'm a cheapskate)

He caught one!

Sammy picked out a blue frog for his prize and then continued riding the carnival rides.

Matty and I decided to test our age and ride the "Hammer."Aparently it's not thrilling enough for Matt.

Since when is laughing like a crazy maniac NOT acceptable on rides? I guess I didn't get the same memo that Matt and his little neighbor got. Whatever, I had fun.

Matt had THIS face on the whole time and my fear of falling or a broken ride turned to fear of getting vomited on.

Spew the other way, Matty!

Okay, so we didn't puke or die.

Sam and I rode "Big Pink" while Matty sat on the side lines thinking of dirty innuendoes about it.

Our final carnival ride was the carousel and Sammy chose to ride with Bub....

...and make funny faces every time they came around.

So glad he's easy to please! This little boy loves Carnival's as much as his mommy and daddy!

Thanks Bub and Grandma for joining in the fun!

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Anonymous said...

hi holly...
I really like your blog. I've been following your blogs for years. Like to see you and Sam... of course your happy family too :-)
I wish you good luck and welcome for the new little one in a month. Happy for you.