Friday, July 05, 2013

Our Story

Matthew and I were thrilled to find out that we were finally pregnant after years of failed attempts and lots of doctors visits. When our son Sam was born in 2009 with a very rare and dangerous blood disorder, we were terrified at the thought of losing our "miracle" baby. 
After many prayers and blood transfusions the NICU doctors cleared us to take our little 6 pound Sammy home. We were given very little information on the disorder named Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopenia (NAIT), but we were informed that all of our future pregnancies would be effected by the disorder. 

Years later, after meeting with a few doctors to discuss our options, we came to the conclusion that adoption was the route for us to take in building our family. 

We started our adoption journey in April of 2012 and found a facilitator agency that we felt comfortable working with. The first match was made in January of 2013 when they called to inform us that twin boys had been born in Colorado and we needed to immediately prepare to pick them up from the hospital. 72 hours later, the birthmother changed her mind and took the little babies home. 

Although devastated, we stayed strong and waited for another call. 

Soon enough we were in touch with another birthmother who was perfect for our family. We got to know her well and were excited to raise a child because of her. One night she called us in tears to announce that she had unfortunately had a miscarriage at 14 weeks. 

Again, discouraged, Matthew and I held on to hope. 

We started to place advertisements in our local papers and on the internet. We asked friends and family to share our story with others in the hope that we could find that perfect situation again. 

We started to get numerous "leads" and even spoke to "potential birthmothers" on the phone before finding out that we were being scammed by dishonest, pathetic bullies. People who want nothing more than to break the hearts of emotionally sensitive individuals. 

We were contacted by a producer at NBC who wanted to follow our story and air it on Dateline. They not only helped us feel like we were validated for feeling so hopeless in our journey, they assisted us in finding our scammers by assigning us to a private investigator. 

Month after month of sifting through emails from people that may or may not be legitimate, we quickly tired of the "game" we were playing with online scammers and closed our internet advertisements. NBC walked away. 

Early on in our adoption process, we were referred to an adoption agency in Utah that has a care center for birthmothers to live in throughout their pregnancy. But, because of the higher costs, we cleared the agency from our possibilities and tried to find other, less expensive ways to bring home a baby. 

However, after all the scams and failed placements, we are ready to take the plunge into the more sure and safe direction. 

We are currently waiting for a match to be made through The Adoption Center of Choice and we hope every day that we will get "the call". We are open to adopting any race, gender or number of babies and can hardly wait to do so. 

Although we are able financially to care for more children, the initial costs are currently beyond our means. If you'd like to take part in helping us bring home the rest of our family, you can do so through AdoptTogether. Please check out our profile page, and help if you'd like.

To learn more about our family, check out our adoption blog.

Thank you so much for any and all of your support throughout this emotional journey. 
-Love, Matthew, Holly and Samuel

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