Thursday, September 06, 2012

The Horse Races

Our labor day weekend was spent at Emerald Downs watching the horses race. We played for fun, and had some really great luck picking horses. Kind of tempted to bet...but that's how addictions get started. Good thing we got no money!

Sam's an old pro at the races since he had gone with Bub and Grandma a few times before. He always pics the black horses. 
 The view of the mountain is AMAZING! I couldn't stop admiring it.
 Free pony rides! Yeehaw!!
 Sam is getting somewhat comfortable with people in costumes. Still not thrilled about them...
 This is what an ice cream cone with do to ya.
 We like horses and plaid, apparently.

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Colton said...

When I was at the U of A, I took a course on Introductory Agronomics or something like that. It was a very broad course intended to introduce us to the various disciplines of agriculture, from farming and ranching to bio-pharmaceuticals and genetics. One day, we learned about horse racing, and as an activity the instructor had a video-taped horse race. We all chose our horses and then watched the race. I realize this is going to sound ridiculous, but that was quite possibly the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Holy cow! And it was on a little television, not even live! My heart was pumping and my blood racing and...seriously, if I ever ever EVER started betting on horse racing, I would be DOOMED! I am way too excitable with an addictive personality for that stuff. Bad news.