Monday, July 25, 2011

The Oregon Coast - Day 2

Tuesday morning we headed over to Hug Point at low tide to check out some caves and to see if we could find any tide pools.

This beach was awesome.

View to the north.
Oregon Coast 1149
And the view to the south.
Oregon Coast 988
It took no time at all to find some tide pools with living creatures. Sam was even brave enough to touch them all.
Oregon Coast 1010
The boys ran in and out of all of the caves. Some of them were really deep and dark.
Oregon Coast 963
Matty and Sam checking out the sea life.
Oregon Coast 1040
Some really cool (and supposedly rare) sea barnacles.
Oregon Coast 984
"Shmool", dancing on the beach.
Oregon Coast 1180
Eli was more interested in building castles than tide pooling.
Oregon Coast 1192
The girls walking down to Hug Point.
Oregon Coast 956
The rock formations are pretty cool. You can actually climb around these to get to another beach with a great view of Cannon beach.
Oregon Coast 1095
One of the caves.
Oregon Coast 1060
Eli and Eric.
Oregon Coast 1042
Grace laughing at the boys playing in the sand.
Oregon Coast 1234
Watching big brother gather water.
Oregon Coast 1256
Me. Checking out the view from the cliffs. FYI-Wear shoes when climbing over mussel covered rocks :)
Oregon Coast 1153
Yep, those are nuns.
Oregon Coast 1280
I hope that they were not offended by my half naked boy running up and down the beach.
Oregon Coast 1229

After all the fun at Hug Point, we drove back into Manzanita, ate some lunch and took some naps. Then we got all cleaned and prettied for family pictures at the beach.

The boys were excited. More about being at the beach than getting pictures taken.
Oregon Coast 1493
Our family.
Oregon Coast 1533
I am so grateful for these shots. I am rarely in any pictures :)
Oregon Coast 1505
Matt took this one while Sam and I played. Gosh, I love it.
Oregon Coast 1589
Ahhh! The weather and sunset worked out perfectly in our favor. Could the cloud covering be any more beautiful!?
Oregon Coast 1554
Every minute the colors changed and we even had some sunbeams for a while. It was so pretty.
Oregon Coast 1548
A family from Spokane brought their horses to the beach and let us meet them.
Oregon Coast 1611
I asked Sam for a kiss and he said, "No mommy. No kiss. No kiss on the geek." (cheek)
Oregon Coast 1599
What a ham. Hard to believe he's my kid, right?
Oregon Coast 1570
The Cox family. We are so thankful for our friends.
Oregon Coast 1358
What a happy family!
Oregon Coast 1313
Gracie and Mommy.
Oregon Coast 1290
Gracie and Daddy.
Oregon Coast 1447
I love reflections.
Oregon Coast 1430
Eric and Sarah.
Oregon Coast 1456
Did I mention it was a beautiful night?!
Oregon Coast 1406

You can image we slept pretty good after a day packed full of such fun :)

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Michaela said...

Wow Holly! Such great pictures from your trip! Makes me really want to go there too!