Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Moley Russell's Wart

(If you are confused in regards to my post title, please rent yourself "Uncle Buck" and come back when you're more comically prepared.)

I have many moles.  But I am lucky enough to have had 7 of them removed, tested and found to be benign.

(Don't be confused by the above image. I am talking about skin moles. But let's be honest, a big picture of one of those wouldnt be nearly as cute as that guy.)

Yesterday I went in to have a full body check with my dermatologist and ended up having one mole "shave biopsied". This mole was taken off more for vengeance purposes (it grew really big and ugly when I was pregnant) rather than any pre-cancerous worry. It was right in my hair line and I was always self conscience about it when I pulled my hair up. And now, it's gone. Mwahaha.

I am a big baby when it comes to needles, doctors or any one cutting my skin off. (weird, I know.) But it was so much easier than I could have imagined. I actually walked out of there wishing I had had more removed.

The Doc said that none of my moles were looking suspicious and that all I needed to do was wear sun screen and come back in a year for another check up.

So, readers, now that the summer has finally arrived make sure you are UV protected and make an apt with your dermatologist if you have any "odd" moles or concerns. Here are some great links with some important information that I found very reassuring.

Also, check this out. Did you know that there are MOLE READINGS? According to this website I am "Prone to have trouble during childbirth" and "Prone to be robbed".

Let me know what your moles say about you!


Momma J said...

Wow my moles say prone to lose children which is true we have lost many. The other says longevity which must mean I will live well into my 90's like my mom's ancestors.

Stepper the Mighty said...

Apparently I am 'indulgy in sexual lust' and prone to 'longevity'.

The two go hand in hand, I'd say.