Tuesday, December 08, 2009

December it is

The first day of December made itself known with freezing temperatures and frost covered earth. Its dry and sunny and I actually love it. I'll probably change my tune when the snow hits, but for now this is the perfect winter weather. Princess, on the other hand, prefers the warm indoors.

I have managed to get some photo sessions done and I have been up to my waist in editing. I am very busy, which has been a lot of work, but I am so thankful for it. I also got around to doing a self portrait shoot after reading an article called "The Importance of Portraits." I wanted to test out what I learned, and without sounding too bratty, I think they turned out pretty good. The article stressed the importance of not "editing the life out of a face" so I did my best to leave my giant pores and tear duct tumor alone.
Last weekend Matt, Sam and I drove down south to attend a Nativity display, and we were asked to be the Holy Family in a live one. Sam did very well, and enjoyed all the attention that he received as Baby Jesus. (photo courtesy of Melissa Dillon)We also found a home for two of our family members this week. First to go was Tina, our bearded dragon. We have been unable to find the time to re-socialize her, so some family friends of ours decided to give it a try. I am excited to see how she does with more interaction. (Tina and my brother Cory in '07) Second was Helga our VW Jetta. I have to admit, so far she isn't very missed. We have been through a LOT in that car (accidents, breakdowns, etc) but Matt and I (mostly Matt) were ready to move on. She will be enjoying the rest of her life in Oregon.

Sam got his 3rd hair cut today, and I love it. He thinks it makes him look like a "tough guy." :)
This week is another one packed with errands, events and chores so I am sure there will be more to come when I find the time!


Colton said...

As if you could miss a car named Helga. That's just vindictive.

Sabs said...

love your portraits! you are gorgeous!

The Dillon 6 said...

ahahah!!! That last picture will have me smiling ALL day!!!!

And you pretty much saved that horribly lighted photo from the Creche. So glad you could come down!!!!

The Cox Trio said...

What a sultry picture Mrs. Aprecio!