Saturday, December 19, 2009

26 years young

I turned 26 this Thursday and I was asked by my dad when he called to wish me a happy birthday if that number made me feel old.

Well Dad, the number doesn't. But having a 7 month old, a husband, a home, a car, cellulite, back aches, and a bed time do.

However, for my birthday Matt and I were able to go out on a baby-free date. That night I realized that there are more things that I do and have that make me feel young.

For instance:

An older husband :)
Drawing in the fog on the shower door
Sparkly lip gloss
Making out in the car (wink!)
Driving slow to look at Christmas lights.
Listening to Disney music
Giddiness over chocolate fondue
Racing Matt to the car in the parking lot
Quoting Dumb & Dumber on a daily basis
Making cookie dough to eat the cookie dough
Staying up late to watch Harry Potter
Holding myself back from snooping for my gifts
Spinning with my socks on the hardwood

I hope that while I get older and older that I can rely on the above list to make me feel like a kid again, because it sure is fun to be young.


Brent and Sam said...

Getting tired before 9:30pm and complaining about all the dumb teenagers in the world on a regular basis make me feel old :) Good thing I still enjoy coloring! And just think, when our husbands turn 30 next year, we'll still have 3 years in our 20's!

Colton said...

Yeah...and the great thing is that as you get older I suspect this list will actually get longer.

Hey, we're the same age for like three weeks!

The Dillon 6 said...

hahahahahahaha! We sure love you. Glad you had a great date ~ and glad you're still young (that means we are, too).