Monday, June 25, 2007

Ocean Shores

This weekend Matt and I drove out to the ocean to fly kites and play with Brisbane. Matt got a dragon kite for his birthday, and we were so excited to see how great it looked in the sky.The weather was absolutely perfect, and the beach was so beautiful. They were having a sand castle building competition that we got to watch, and they were so amazing. I couldn't even imagine having the patience for this. Briz had a great time chasing the ball and playing in the waves. She has never been to the ocean before, and didn't understand that drinking the salt water would make her sick. And sick she was! After vomiting and pooping all over the beach, we bought her some bottled water and she drank almost drank 2 litres of it. It was pretty funny, and she felt better after a little while.

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Jessica Kettle said...

How fun! I love the b/w picture of the three of you. Framer.