Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Brother

My brother turned 21 yesterday. My parents took us all out to a nice seafood dinner where we gave Cory the gifts that we got him. Matt and I bought him an adjustable dumbell and some hair products because he is "growing a fro". We had a great time. Neither Cory or Matt have ever had brothers so I am always excited to see how well they get along.Cory just moved back here from Utah a few months ago and it has been really nice to have him back home. Recently we got to hang out in the city and we took the elevator up to the top of the Space Needle.I know that its common for parents to feel old when their child becomes legal, but is it weird when an older sibling feels that way? It seems like just yesterday we were building forts under the ping pong table and planning pranks to play on all the babysitters. When Cory was born, my parents asked me what I wanted to name him. I thought long and hard and decided to name him after my hero at the time, Bill Cosby. I threw a fit when I heard my parents call him Cory instead of Cosby the day they brought him home from the hospital.

And now he's 21! Its hard enough realizing that I am aging, now I have to see my brother do so too? I guess years from now, when he is turning 50, I will look back and say "Seems like just yesterday you were 21..."

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