Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A sister update!

Our adoption process to bring home baby sister is going as good as can be expected. As we prepare for our trip to Las Vegas, we become more excited and more nervous for the events to come. 

Our birthmother continues to be strong and healthy and we are looking forward to meeting our daughters birth family very soon. This little girl is going to have so many people loving on her, she'll learn so much from her large support system. 

Her nursery is ready, she has a closet full of clothes and we are all so ready to meet baby "P"!  
I planned to paint the recliner as well, but I'll never find the time. The foot stool alone took 4 days! Baby girl wont care :) 
I am obsessed with the rug. In fact, I had other plans for her room when I found this piece and it changed my entire design. Its even prettier in person. I made the blanket to match and I cant wait to wrap her up in it!
I am hoping to find more (cute) black american dolls to have in her room. They are not easy to find. But I LOVE this one, and she came with the name "Amy" which is special to me. (My cousin's name was Amy, she passed away in 2002)
I wanted a "Floral" theme in her room since both of her grandmas love flowers. Even her name will fit the theme. A picture of Grandma Jan is also included in her room so that Little Sister will always know of her. 
We are in the process of building her a doll house. Miles pulls it apart daily so we'll probably wait to add the rest of the furniture until he loses interest. 
 All of the paintings were hand painted by me and Sam. I hope she'll treasure them some day! Getting her room ready was a great way to pass the time and now we feel excited to show her all of the fun things we've collected for her over the months of waiting. Including clothes! This girl has some adorable hand me downs I am just dying to see her in. 

February 17th is coming right up!


MissMolly said...

You're seriously an Inspiration! I adore everything about this room and the Love behind it. That rug! The handmade with Love blanket, the Art! The "P." Amy.

MissMolly said...

You have a heart of gold, Holly, and this sweet little girl will be lucky to call you 'Mom.' XO

ancestors said...

Love the room for my new grand niece. Everything is so pretty and fresh. I LOVE the rug.
Auntie Em

Colton said...

Whoa, what?! Update? I don't think I ever knew about this in the first place! But that is pretty fantastic still. I'm super happy for you guys.