Friday, February 07, 2014


Miles turned 4 months old this last Monday. He is just the sweetest baby and we can not get enough of him! 

He is 16lbs 3oz, 25" long and perfectly healthy. He had a bad week after contracting a cold and having a bad reaction to his vaccines, but he is on the mend and we are starting to see more of our happy boy again. 

Miles loves rice cereal, tummy time, jumping in his new jumper and lots of attention. He can grab toys, puts most everything into his mouth and showed us today that he can roll over. 

He is the most talkative baby I have ever met! Coos, grunts and loud growls are often belted by this very vocal baby and we love his laugh. Miles is very ticklish and loves to play rough. 
 Although he is a very happy baby, he has a serious side as well. He loves to watch what others are doing and seems to think about things a lot. When meeting new people he's a little shy, which just makes his smiles seem even more special to those of us that get one. 

I hesitate to say this, but Miles has been sleeping through the night for 2 months now. 

It. Is. Amazing. 

He goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up in the best mood every morning around 8am. Sam and I love to go into his room and make him laugh in his crib. 
 Miles most favorite thing in the world is his big brother, Sam. They are the cutest! Miles always has a smile for Sam and big brother loves to help with the baby. These two kill me!

 Sam will only be a 4 year old for a couple more months which is CRAZY. Five sounds so big! He is excited for his birthday and has already started planning it. 

Sam still loves all things animals, learning to swim, playing with his dogs, collecting things, drawing pictures and writing stories. He is the nicest little boy and treats his friends like royalty. 

He is extremely creative and I love to hear his take on life. Sam hates tomatoes, celery and egg yolks. But he will eat anything else and especially loves pot stickers.  
 Samuel is very smart and loves to learn new things. He knows a lot about animals, the human body and nature. He is constantly asking questions and enjoys experiencing new things. 
Matthew and I feel so lucky to have these amazing boys in our lives. We ask ourselves often, "How did we get so lucky!" 

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Aaron and Megan said...

Your boys are gorgeous!! So happy too!