Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Vacation - 2013

We just returned from the most awesome vacation ever! We took a week long trip to California where we thoroughly enjoyed Disneyland, The San Diego Zoo and some amazing beaches. 

Day 1 - Disneyland and California Adventure!
Because of the holiday crowds the last time we went to Disneyland, we were unable to ride the new 3D Toy Story ride. This time, we made it a priority and loved it so much we rode on it twice! It also helped that the lines were NOTHING compared to what we endured at Christmas. 
The weather couldn't have been any better!
I loved watching Sam experience Disneyland. It makes me so happy that we are able to take this sweet boy on such fun adventures!!
California Adventure!
I can honestly say that the scariest ride for me was the Ferris Wheel. The rocking back and forth on this thing is intense and my fearless 4 year old hanging out by the door and looking over the sides did NOT help this terrified mommy!
Sam was so excited to meet Pluto that when it was his turn for a pic he jumped up into the arms of the big dog. 
 Day 2 - The San Diego Zoo
 The last time we came to the Zoo there was a 3 day old giraffe. This time, we got to see a week old baby. How are we so lucky!?
 The Elephants were so cute! We got to see one of them getting her toe nails cleaned/clipped and she actually seemed to be enjoying her pedicure.
 Sam's favorite part, was of course, the Hippo butt. Naturally.
 Day 3 - Another fabulous day at Disneyland and C.A.
Sammy was lucky enough to meet Lightning McQueen and Mater!!
 We were in line for Small World when the parade started. When Matty and I noticed how thrilled Sam was to see some of his favorite characters, we jumped the wall and joined the crowd. We have NEVER seen Sam so excited about anything.
Day 4 - Newport Beach
 After 3 days of being on our feet, a beach day was much needed and seriously enjoyed.
 Sam is a beach bum through and through and had so much fun running around in the ocean.
 He asked me to make him an Octopus.
 After a long day in the sun, we cooled off in the Hotel pool and relaxed in the hot tub.
From our hotel balcony we could see the Disneyland fireworks and it made a great finale to each and every exciting day. 
 Day 5 - Laguna Beach 
With Matty sunburned from Newport, we went out in search for a beach with a little shade to relax in. When we arrived at Laguna, we were amazed at it's beauty but a little disappointed with the lack of shelter and the giant waves.
Because Sam was so excited about another beach day, we stayed for an hour or two but had to keep a close watch on him to make sure that he wasn't taken out to sea by the rough tide.
 It was another beautiful day!
Although we had an AMAZING week away from normal life, we were happy to be heading home to our sweet pets and comfortable beds. 

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