Monday, May 02, 2011


Although Matt is still struggling to find a job, we managed to go out to dinner for our anniversary. We dropped Sam off with Papa and Tutu and sat down for dinner at the one place we had a gift card for, Spazzo's.

The food wasn't that great and our waitress probably used meth, but it was so amazing to just sit down, relax and focus on us. Its been a while since it was just the two of us and it was a very refreshing night.

After dinner we headed home and...that's all you need to know. ;)
Mothers day 099
This weekend turned out to be so beautiful! Although I worked with Courtney and Matt attended school, we did get to enjoy the sun when we got home. Saturday night we played outside at Matt's parents house and then Sunday we flew kites and hiked to the pond. Sam was in heaven. We could really use more sunny days here in Seattle. April was pretty darned miserable.
Mothers day 029
Sam has been signing a lot lately. Of course my favorite is "I love you."
Mothers day 061
Looks like the weather report calls for more vitamin D tomorrow so we'll probably be out re-living the weekend, if we're able.

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Colton said...

Hahaha...I've heard the meth waitresses are really attentive.