Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to school

Matt, who has already graduated from UW once before, has started school there once again. I'll be honest, I'm not all that excited.

Let me start off by admitting how spoiled I am:

Matt runs the family business. He staffs hospitals around the Puget Sound with RNs and Surgical techs. He works in an office all by himself controlling almost everything from his iPhone. So when I need (ehem, or want) him, all I have to do is call and ask him to come home and he usually grants my wish. Its the perfect life for a needy wife such as myself.

So when I was informed at the UW hosted "Student & Spouse" dinner on Friday that my husband was going to be tacking on 30+ hours of homework a week to his busy, never-closing-because-hospitals-are-open-24-hours-a-day work schedule, I will admit my life as a spoiled rotten princess started to get a little blurry.

Selfish much?

I know. I am. But when things like "be prepared to live like a single parent" and "school comes first for 2 years" are muttered by last years graduates, I am going to probably freak out a little.

But, I trust Matthew. He has our family in mind when he makes big decisions like this and he worked so hard to get into this program.

Not to mention he is going to be great and learn so much. This is such an amazing opportunity and I know that both of us are going to grow a ton over these next years.

Although 2 years sounds like FOREVER right now, its going to go by so fast and in no time he will be tossing his purple and gold hat into the air at another college graduation.
Good luck Matty! We'll miss you ;)


Colton said...

Haha...I'm just going to laugh and say congratulations. Matt will do great, I'm sure.

Dean said...

So Matt, are you going to be riding the bus with me? :)

manders said...

Congrats! That is awesome for Matt but having him gone i'm sure is hard. I have a favor for you, would you mind asking matt if he or anyone he knows might know of a hospital or office that could use someone to shadow a Physician Asst, or a Dr in general. After applying to schools for PA and not getting in because of experience, we are thinking of going down the road again. So any help would be great. Please email me at
thanks girl...
Amanda Hadley

Lindsey said...

Just in case you were wondering....I LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your blog. You are one splendid photographer as well.
Tell Matty way to freaking go and good luck. Just think, maybe you should take a trip to the promised land and come see me:) ewe...just kidding. I never said promised land. Gross.