Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Samuel Can:
Hold his head up on his own
Roll over on his side
Focus on objects and follow voices
Grip toys, fingers and bottle
Sleep 3 hours at a time
Eat 150 cc's of milk
Samuel Likes:
His bedroom
His food
A clean diaper
Being tightly swaddled
The sun
Being naked
Sleeping on his tummy
Having his hair brushed
Samuel Dislikes:
Being hot or cold
His car seat
Getting dressed
Going to bed


Shannon Hunnex said...

i forgot to ask, are you keeping a baby book for him, or is that way too old-fashioned in the digital age?

The Cox Trio said...

Happy belated one month birthday Samuel! Sounds like you're quite the busy guy.

The Powells said...

He's so cute! Keep the pictures coming! Hows everything with him - all good and normal now?

Alix said...

AWW!! He is so adorable! It was so nice to see you on Mother's Day back in good ol' Sammamish! He is such a doll!